Whole Health Way

“Let’s Improve Your Health Together”

Whole Health is a family-owned business and has been providing premium products since 1997


To supply all generations with the highest-quality supplements along with personal support, guidance, and health resources. We exist so all our customers can obtain the highest level of health possible in their lives.


Our vision is centered around the improvement of our customer’s health and treating every customer individually (like family) while adhe­ring to our principles and strict manufacturing policies using only the highest-quality sourced natural ingredients in the world.

Our Philosophy


We strive to treat every single customer with the highest regard and be available to listen to their individual health needs while treating them like family.

Quality of Products

Our products are composed of vetted high-quality ingredients and manufactured in a GMP-certified facility. Every ingredient is carefully selected for complete efficacy and the source of the ingredient researched to ensure that our levels of quality are maintained through our supply chain.

Only What Works

We have dedicated years of experience to vitamin research and information, and we keep our products limited to what is proven to work, so if you find it on our site you know it is the real deal (highest quality).


Whole Health’s Story from Visionary Dan Brinker

Vitamins are in my blood, literally and figuratively. Literally because I take them every day along with a healthy diet. They are figuratively because they have been in my life since I was a child. In 1974, my father acquired one of the largest vitamins manufactures in the USA that was started in 1947.

In my mid-thirties I was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease and my kidneys started to fail. After nearly dying, and needing a kidney transplant, my sister came to my aid and I had a successful transplant. After this, I restructured my life, stepped away from the corporate lifestyle and ended up becoming CEO of my father’s company for about a decade. Even though I enjoyed my work with manufacturing supplements greatly, the corporate lifestyle was stressful which eventually led to some health issues.

So, I was looking for a way to help people and acquired Whole Health with my family to have a business that was centered around helping others by providing the highest quality of vitamins and supplements. I have had a lifetime of information on vitamins and supplements, so I had a clear vision of what I wanted for Whole Health. Our family went to work slimming down the vitamin line to the vitamins we know work and will provide the best results.

My vision was to create Whole Health to be a leader in customers service and be an accessible company that cares about all aspects of our customers health and wellbeing. We are connected and invested to the personal success of the customers we serve. Our family looks forward to continuing helping you and many other generations to come!!!

To this day things are working well as we have an 89% customer return rate. We have taken pride in not being the biggest company but the best at what we do, which is serve you to the best of our abilities everyday with the highest quality supplements available and personal customer support. “Let’s Improve Your Health Together”

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