Heart Health

Supplements for a Healthy Heart

Cardiovascular disease has been and continues to be the #1 killer in the United States making nutritional supplements an important choice for improving heart health. Whole Health's supplements offer natural alternatives to support a healthy and strong cardiovascular system. 

Fish Oils & Omega-3's, particularly EPA and DHA, promote improving heart rhythm, vascular function and prevention of clot formation in arteries. Fish Oils may also assist in lowering blood pressure while helping to increase plasma levels of HDL "good" cholesterol.

Co-Enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is naturally produced in the body and responsible for our energy production and antioxidant protection. As a powerful antioxidant and energy conductor, our Co-Enzyme Q10 is manufactured by Kaneka®, the most throughly researched CoQ10 ingredient available. CoQ10 also helps maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels, making supplementation even more important. 

Are you over the age of 30? If so, CoQ10 supplementation is essential to your health. Our bodies production of Co-Enzyme starts to decrease after the age of 30 and continues to decline with age, leaving you more susceptible to heart disease. 

Other supplements supporting heart health include Garlic, Vitamins E & C, L-Carnitine, Resveratrol, Magnesium, Lycopene, and much more… 

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