Calcium Pyruvate

Calcium Pyruvate Weight Loss Supplement


Start controlling your weight today with Calcium Pyruvate —  the #1 weight loss supplement.


What Is Calcium Pyruvate?


Calcium Pyruvate is a naturally occurring substance that helps convert sugar and starches into energy. Once the sugars and starches are broken down, the converted energy acts as a catalyst to burn excess fat. 


Calcium Pyruvate Benefits


Studies show that this fat-burning effect boosts your metabolism while aiding in the break down of stored excess fat in your body.

While the food we eat contains Calcium Pyruvate, it does so in very small doses. Foods like apples, cheese, red wine, and dark beer only contain 5g of Calcium Pyruvate.

That means you can either eat 70 apples a day or take just 3 capsules of our premium Calcium Pyruvate formula! The perfect weight loss supplement when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise. 

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