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Normalizing your glucose levels will have a positive effect on mood, physical health, and weight loss. Blood sugar that is too high or low can have serious consequences, so taking supplements and changing your diet to ensure you maintain a balance is important. Typically blood sugar rises immediately after meals and then slowly lowers as it is disseminated to cells.

Our blood sugar support supplements can counter sugar-heavy foods like starch and stop sugar cravings caused by too little glucose in the blood. They fight off weight gain and boost metabolism. Maintaining a balanced concentration of glucose is easier with our quality products. There are fourteen ideal supplements for blood sugar, and each has additional positive health effects.  

What Natural Supplement Lowers Blood Sugar?

Various proteins and foods can control blood sugar levels. We have only the best ingredients in our products to be sure that taking them will help keep you healthy and fit. Many of them support weight reduction as fat and obesity are not only bad for your overall health; they can also cause the liver to malfunction and lead to too high or low glucose levels.


This supplement is able to regulate the amount of Leptin in the body. Leptin is a hormone that helps to stop feelings of hunger. Leptifit has a direct positive effect on the brain and is useful for losing weight and staying on a healthy diet. Research studies have been able to show that obesity is linked to the development of Type 2 diabetes. This product can control cravings and lead to more significant weight loss when paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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Starch Blocker

Amylase inhibitors (e.g., starch blockers) make it so that starches are not absorbed from your food. Starches are one of the foods that you want to avoid or cut down on if you have diabetes. These starch blockers make it possible for you to eat your favorite starchy foods without the adverse side effects. Starch blockers lower blood sugar. 

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This long-chain alcohol compound is made from plant wax like sugar cane or wheat. Policosanol works very well to lower blood sugar, so you should not take this supplement together with other things that can decrease insulin because it might become too low. It has a few other benefits, including the following.

  • Helps with circulation
  • Lowers risk for heart disease
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure
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American Ginseng

This ivy plant extract has been used in Chinese herbalism for a long time. Despite it's name, American Ginseng is found in both North America and China. This supplement is used to boost energy, reduce blood sugar, and help with the general treatment of diabetes. It should be taken before meals to help mitigate a sugar spike after eating.

A few other American Ginseng health benefits include the following.  

  • Lowers cholesterol
  • It helps fight stress and promotes calmness
  • Fights infection
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Probiotics are living "good" bacteria that make your body healthier. They can be found in various things like supplements, yogurt, pickles, and fermented foods. There are a number of different probiotics, including lactobacillus and bifidobacterium. They have various health benefits, including those listed below. 

  • Keep skin healthy
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Good for urinary health
  • Promotes oral health by breaking down "bad" bacteria
  • Treats digestive issues

Probiotics are believed to help reduce blood sugar levels by protecting pancreas cells. The pancreas is responsible for insulin production. 

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Vitamin D 

This important vitamin can be found in foods like eggs, fish, and other meats. The only way to get it naturally outside supplements and food is through sunlight. It is an important supplement that increases insulin sensitivity.

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Magnesium is primarily found in your bones, but it affects quite a few systems. This chemical nutrient is present in and plays a large in maintaining the following. 

  • Bone and nerve health
  • Communication between muscle groups
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Making proteins and DNA
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Alpha-Lipoic Acid

This organosulfur is made from caprylic acid. Studies have shown that it is useful for anyone suffering from diabetic neuropathy. This lipoic acid is in red meat, yams, beets, spinach, broccoli, yeast, tomatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts, and other healthy foods. A supplement can increase benefits. 

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Cinnamon comes from certain tree bark and is most commonly used as a spice. For generations, it has been used as a treatment for various health issues by cultures all over the world. This spice can increase insulin sensitivity and works to move glucose between cells. Taking a cinnamon supplement over time can lead to a drop in blood sugar, so it is helpful for anyone who has elevated glucose levels. It is also an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and can lower the risk of heart disease.

A 2013 research meta-analysis showed a connection between cinnamon and the amount of glucose in the blood. 

Aloe Vera

This is a succulent plant that has been used by natural healers for centuries to heal certain conditions and injuries. The supplement can reduce fat, lower blood sugar, and help you lose weight faster. 

Supplements 101: Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiencies are prevalent because many people do not get a proper amount in their diet or do not spend enough time outdoors where they can absorb sunlight. Supplements like Vitamin D 101 protect against these kinds of deficiencies and keep your body feeling and looking younger. It can assist with blood glucose regulation in people with diabetes. 


This vine plant extract has several uses that make it ideal for diabetics or pre-diabetics. It lowers blood sugar, encourages weight loss, and increases metabolism. It also suppresses the appetite. A few other benefits include the following.

  • Helps with reducing sugar cravings
  • Lowers cholesterol 
  • Lowers risk of heart disease


This chemical element is found in a wide variety of foods such as meats, vegetables, grains, fruits, and dairy products. It is essential and can improve metabolism while increasing insulin sensitivity. It is most helpful for people with Type 2 diabetes. Our product ensures you have all the chromium your body needs.

LeptiFit™ Leptin Enhancing Supplement (60 Capsules)
LeptiFit™ Leptin Enhancing Supplement (60 Capsules)
LeptiFit Leptin Enhancing Supplement (60 Capsules)
LeptiFit Leptin Enhancing Supplement (60 Capsules)
LeptiFit Leptin Enhancing Supplement (60 Capsules)
LeptiFit Leptin Enhancing Supplement (60 Capsules)
LeptiFit Leptin Enhancing Supplement (60 Capsules)
LeptiFit Leptin Enhancing Supplement (60 Capsules)
LeptiFit Leptin Enhancing Supplement (60 Capsules) Supplement Facts Label

LeptiFit Leptin Enhancing Supplement (60 Capsules)

White Kidney Bean Extract - Phase 2® Starch Blocker 600mg (90 Capsules)
White Kidney Bean Extract - Phase 2® Starch Blocker 600mg (90 Capsules)
White Kidney Bean Extract - Phase 2 Starch Blocker 600mg (90 Capsules)
White Kidney Bean Extract - Phase 2 Starch Blocker 600mg (90 Capsules)
White Kidney Bean Extract - Phase 2 Starch Blocker 600mg (90 Capsules)
White Kidney Bean Extract - Phase 2 Starch Blocker 600mg (90 Capsules)
White Kidney Bean Extract - Phase 2 Starch Blocker 600mg (90 Capsules)
White Kidney Bean Extract - Phase 2 Starch Blocker 600mg (90 Capsules)
White Kidney Bean Extract - Phase 2 Starch Blocker 600mg (90 Capsules)

White Kidney Bean Extract - Phase 2 Starch Blocker 600mg (90 Capsules)

NOW® Policosanol 20mg (90 Vcaps)
NOW® Policosanol 20mg (90 Vcaps)

NOW® Policosanol 20mg (90 Vcaps)


Other Lifestyle Changes to Improve Blood Sugar 

In addition to taking supplements to ensure your blood maintains the proper amount of glucose, there are some other things that you can do to keep yourself healthy and fit. 


Few things are more important than regular exercise for diabetes. One common cause of Type 2 diabetes is obesity. It puts a strain on the body and leads to fatty liver and other issues, affecting how well the liver can produce and release glucose into the blood. You want to make sure that you are doing the right amount of exercising even if you are not overweight.

Lower Stress

Your body responds to stressful situations by preparing itself to deal with the problem. This automatic process includes the liver releasing high levels of glucose into the blood. The spike and then subsequent tanking of blood sugar levels is very dangerous. Whenever possible, stress should be avoided or lessened. A few ways to do this include meditation, breathing exercises, proper amounts of exercise, and regular sleeping habits.  

Healthy Eating

People with diabetes need to eat healthily and avoid foods with excess amounts of processed sugars, starch, carbohydrates, and fiber. Fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains make an excellent diet. When possible, it is best to speak with a nutritionist to find out the best meal options for you since every person's lifestyle, and health conditions are unique. 

Limit Alcohol Consumption 

A leading cause of liver disease, hepatitis, and certain forms of diabetes is drinking over the recommended alcohol limit. Even one instance of extreme over-drinking can lead to acute liver damage. It can also cause significant weight gain for heavy drinkers. The liver is what produces insulin, and it is responsible for keeping your blood levels steady. When it is damaged or abused, then it does not function properly. Limiting the amount of alcohol you drink or abstaining entirely is one good way to keep your glucose where it needs to be. 


What fruit should people with diabetes avoid?

Fruits have large amounts of natural sugar, so eating them raw is already going to be increasing your glucose. When you eat food or drinks that include additional sugar, then it can be problematic for diabetics and might cause a spike in sugar levels followed by a severe drop that could be dangerous. The following fruit items should be avoided by people with diabetes if they contained added sugar. 

  • Fruit jams and spreads
  • Dried fruit
  • Fruit juice 
  • Canned fruit

What should I eat if my sugar is high? 

High blood sugar levels that are not related to hyperglycemia (e.g., the sudden rise in sugar) can be fixed by eating food that lowers glucose. It is not enough to add these to your diet; you will also need to either stop eating foods with high sugar contents and exercise regularly. Those changes combined with consuming these foods can naturally help when you routinely have high blood sugar. 

  • Whole wheat
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Legumes
  • Flaxseed and chia seeds
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Oatmeal
  • High fiber vegetables (e.g., carrots, etc.)
  • Garlic
  • Fish

If you must lower your blood sugar immediately due to it being at a dangerous level, then insulin is the best option. However, exercise can also reduce blood sugar significantly for up to a full day. You will want to speak with your doctor to find the best way for you to address high blood sugar. If you believe that you are experiencing acute hyperglycemia with no insulin or other way to get it under immediate control, then contact emergency medical aid.  

Can drinking more water lower your blood sugar? 

For people with Type 1 diabetes, drinking extra water can help dilute the amount of glucose in the blood. Studies have also revealed that high blood pressure tends to cause dehydration. Not drinking enough water can lead to an increase in glucose levels in the blood. Drinking enough water is good for everyone's health and fitness, but it is crucial for diabetic or pre-diabetic people.  

Why do diabetics have low vitamin D? 

Vitamin D deficiencies are prevalent because it is only naturally created in the body when the skin is exposed to ultraviolet B light. Lack of sunlight exposure can lead to deficiencies. Vitamin D can be found in some foods and drinks, but it is common for levels to be low for anyone who does not spend enough time outdoors. Diabetics, in particular, are prone to having low Vitamin D.

Type 2 diabetes has a strong link with Vitamin D deficiencies, which research has linked to poorly functioning pancreas in some people. It is believed that taking Vitamin D supplements, and adding more to your diet can lower the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Does coffee affect blood sugar? 

Sixteen ounces of plain coffee is enough to affect your insulin levels. It can either raise or lower your insulin depending on the person and whether the coffee was caffeinated or decaffeinated. Some studies seem to indicate that moderate amounts of decaffeinated coffee can help protect against Type 2 diabetes.  

What time of day is blood sugar highest?

The body produces the highest level of glucose output very early in the morning. This usually takes place in the very early hour and has several known causes. If your blood sugar falls too low during the night while you are sleeping, your body will release a burst of it from glucose stores, leading to a spike. Also, blood sugar rises around 6 am to 8 am as a natural way the body wakes itself up from sleep. It is good to be aware of when your body is more likely to have high levels of blood sugar to avoid sugary foods that will only exacerbate the situation.

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