Our Favorite Christmas Essential Oil Recipes

Whether it’s the crisp winter air, holiday treats baking in the oven, or a freshly cut Christmas tree, there are so many unique scents that can enhance the holiday season.

Want to fill your home with the wonderful smells of the holidays? Now you can with these jolly and festive essential oil recipes!

Holiday Eggnog:

Create the sweet and spicy aroma from your favorite holiday drink by blending creamy vanilla, soothing nutmeg, and spicy cinnamon.

• 10 drops of NOW® Vanilla

• 2 drops of NOW® Nutmeg

• 1 drop of NOW® Cinnamon

Santa's Sugar Cookies:

Is there any better smell than warm cookies baking in the oven? Bring this wonderful scent to your home by diffusing the following essential oils.

• 24 drops of NOW® Vanilla

• 2 drops of NOW® Tangerine

• 2 drops of NOW® Cinnamon

• 1 drop of NOW® Ginger

Ginger Bread Aroma:

For those of you who prefer gingerbread to sugar cookies, this delicious combination of essential oils is perfect for when you are baking your holiday treats.

• 3 drops of NOW® Cinnamon

• 2 drops of NOW® Ginger

• 2 drops of NOW® Vanilla

• 1 drop of NOW® Nutmeg

• 1 drops of NOW® Clove

Fresh Fallen Snow:

The combination of citrus grapefruit, invigorating pine needle, and warm wintergreen will make you feel like you’re living in a magic winter wonderland.

• 6 drops of NOW® Grapefruit

• 2 drops of NOW® Pine Needle

• 1 drop of NOW® Wintergreen

Christmas Tree:

Whether you have a real Christmas tree or a fake one, enjoy the fragrance of freshly cut trees all season long with the woodsy aroma of pine, richness of nutmeg and sweetness of orange.

• 6 drops of NOW® Pine Needle

• 1 drop of NOW® Orange

• 1 drop of NOW® Nutmeg

Holly Jolly Holiday Cheer:

Brighten your spirits this holiday season with the sweet smell of orange and the spiciness of clove and cinnamon.

• 3 drops of NOW® Orange

• 3 drops of NOW® Cinnamon

• 1 drop of NOW® Clove

Candy Canes:

Full of nostalgia and childhood joys, this minty and sweet recipe will instantly return you to a more simple time.

• 4 drops of NOW® Orange

• 4 drops of NOW® Wintergreen

How to Use These Essential Oil Recipes:

1. Add water to your diffuser: Be sure to only fill the water to the line inside your diffuser. The amount of mist will be affected if the water level is too high

2. Add the essential oils to the water: Once you decide which recipe you want to try, simply add the recommended amount of drops per each essential oil. You can also adjust the amount of drops in these recipes if you prefer a certain scent

3. Turn on your diffuser and enjoy!

With these essential oils recipes, the oil ratios below help serve as a guide to create a balanced blend. But you can also experiment with the number of drops until you find a combination you love!

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