Avocado on Toast

Are you looking for a no-nonsense avocado recipe?
If you are, then this Avocado on Toast recipe can blow your mind.

It's a delicious and nutritious avocado recipe. You may have seen lobsters or truffles on avocado toasts. But, those are only for fancy and art-loving people. Those recipes wouldn't have that real flavor of avocado. 

But, this recipe has fiber, protein, sodium, unsaturated fat, and many types of nutrients. Naturally it's loaded with health benefits.

Whole-wheat bread and mashed avocado combination are earnestly charming. When you add sea salt, olive oil, and red pepper flakes on top of it, the recipe touches the crescendo.

So, throw out all other garbage recipes and try this one. Believe it or not, this avocado (smashed) on toast recipe will satisfy your taste buds and it would be an unforgettable food.

This recipe is the easiest one and anybody can prepare it. You can also try different toppings to make this recipe extremely delightful. Eggs, tuna salad, everything bagel seasoning, or furikake (Japanese) can also be crowned on the toasts.

Ingredients That You Will Need - 

  • Small Avocado (half) 
  • 1/8 Teaspoon of Black Pepper (freshly ground) 
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Of Extra-virgin Olive Oil 
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Of Lemon Juice (fresh) 
  • One Slice Of Toasted Bread (whole grain) 
  • 1/8 Teaspoon Of Kosher Salt 
  • Maldon Sea Salt Flakes (for crunch) 
  • Red Pepper Flakes 

How To Cook 

Step One- 

First of all, you have to mash the avocado. But, you should never mash it directly on the toast. Hence, you should remove the seed. Then, try to scoop out the pulp from it

Step Two- 

Now, take a small bowl. After that, put avocado (scooped out), pepper, salt, and lemon juice in the bowl. Thereafter, you have to mash the mixture. So, use the back of a fork and mash it. 

Step Three- 

Take a toasted bread slice and add the mixture on top of it. Next, sprinkle olive oil on it. Finally, add Maldon sea salt and red pepper as toppings. 

Tips - 

1) You should use the best quality avocado to prepare this recipe. You shouldn't buy over-ripe avocados. Buy ripe avocados and discard brown or black parts. 

2) The whole wheat bread must have a thick slice. It should be well-toasted. Therefore, toast your bread carefully. 

3) You can use onions, garlics, radishes, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, basils, herbs, and more ingredients to make this avocado recipe charismatic

This recipe has 37o mg of sodium and 2g of saturated fat. Apart from that, it has protein (5g) and fiber (5g). You will also get potassium, calcium, and carbohydrates from it. It's a 200 calories recipe. So, you can start your day with it. 

Avocado has its own flavor. But, some ingredients can mar it. So, you should always add the right ingredients to enhance its flavor.

The above - Avocado on Toast recipe has every ingredient to make it tastier. Just find the highest-quality ingredients and prepare it. It would take only 5 minutes to prepare this recipe. So, taste it and enjoy a healthy snack.

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