Wrinkles and Aging Skin

WWrinkles and aging skin will happen to everyone eventually. But it doesn't have to happen right away. Different factors cause wrinkles and aging skin. Knowing these factors will help you to avoid them. That way, you can age gracefully and look good longer. But first, make sure to understand how it happens so you can avoid it.

Understanding Wrinkles and Aging Skin

The skin will be less elastic as you age and it becomes more fragile. It decreases the natural oil production that causes your skin to look dry and wrinkled. The fat from the deeper layers of your skin will be lesser as you get older. This will result in saggy, loose, and wrinkly skin.

What is Aging Skin?

Aging skin appears to be thinner, paler, and translucent. The epidermis or the outer skin layer of your skin becomes thin as you age. The melanocytes of the pigment-containing cells decrease their number over time. Wrinkles and skin aging happens as you get older. It can also get affected by different environmental factors that surround you.

Signs and Symptoms

1. Wrinkles

Wrinkles and skin aging is a part of the aging process. As you age, your skin cells divide slower. The dermis will start to thin and will look translucent. Your skin will lose its elasticity and it's no longer efficient in retaining moisture. The oil secretion is less and your skin heals slowly.

2. Loss of Volume

Another sign of wrinkles and skin aging is when your skin loses its volume. The volume-giving cells will decrease from the deeper layer of your skin. The result of this will be saggy skin since the skin loses elasticity. It can also lose its radiance and starts to look older as time goes by.

3. Loss of Elasticity and Deep Wrinkles

When your skin loses its elasticity, it will result in forming deep wrinkles. It's one of the main concerns of women that have mature skin. When you're still young, your skin has an abundant amount of collagen and elastin. It decreases as you age and it will no longer feel firm which causes deep wrinkles.

What Causes Aging Skin?

1. Hormones

Hormones can cause wrinkles and skin aging. Living a stressful lifestyle can trigger stress hormones and inflammation. Both of these can cause your body to age faster. Some hormones may decrease or stay as you age. The endocrine function declines and the hormone receptors will become less sensitive.

2. Poorer Blood Supply

Aging will decrease the skin blood flow significantly. A poor blood supply can result in a decrease of 40% compared to a younger person. Between the ages of 20 and 70, older people may no longer have a good blood supply. It can result in wrinkles and skin aging so it's important to maintain a healthy blood supply.

3. Genetics

Genetics can also play a big role when It comes to getting wrinkles and skin aging. According to some studies, 60% of people are affected by genetics when it comes to skin aging. But there are ways that you can do to lessen the chance of having premature skin aging.

4. Sun

Sun exposure or UV rays can penetrate the skin that can damage your DNA. It will cause wrinkles and aging skin. Ultraviolet rays or radiation can speed up the natural process of aging. It will result in developing wrinkles prematurely. It can break down the skin's connective tissue such as collagen and elastin.

5. Pollution

Wrinkles and skin aging can also occur prematurely because of exposure to pollution. It can cause skin sensitivity and makes you prone to wrinkles. If your skin gets compromised, it can lead to discomfort and as well as pigmentation issues. It's one of the factors that will affect the skin aging process.

6. Smoking

Smoking causes oxidative stress and exposure will make you develop wrinkles. It can cause skin dryness as well which is an early sign of skin aging. Since your skin is no longer efficient in producing oil, deep wrinkles may appear earlier than usual. Avoiding this habit is recommended to avoid wrinkles.

7. Nutrition

Some studies show that eating food high in sugar and refined carbs will damage your skin. Eating a healthy diet can contribute to avoiding wrinkles and skin aging. It will help to have healthy skin when you eat a healthy diet. Consuming nutritious food will make you look young and feel better.

8. Inappropriate Skincare

Using inappropriate skincare can also lead to developing wrinkles and skin aging. There are different types of skincare products. If you want to at least slow down the development of wrinkles, use a skincare product that suits your skin type. Moisturizer can help your skin to get back its radiance and glow.

What are the Causes of Wrinkles

1. Aging

It's a natural process and it causes wrinkles and skin aging. As you grow older, the skin's elasticity decreases. Your skin will no longer be as efficient as it was before. But taking supplements and using the right anti-aging product can slow the time for you.

2. Facial Movements

Smiling, frowning, and other habits can be prominent if you keep on repeating different types of facial movements. It will result in frown lines, crow's feet, and other forms of wrinkles. They will be developed from small muscle contractions. Avoiding frowning and other common facial reactions will help.

3. Lifestyle Risk Factors

Lifestyle can also affect the appearance of wrinkles. If you have a bad diet, it can add to the risk factors of premature skin aging. Oxidative stress can also contribute to other factors. Changing your lifestyle and make it healthy will avoid premature aging.

4. Sun Exposure

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can also cause wrinkles to appear prematurely. That's why you have to apply sunscreen to avoid harmful rays. It can damage your skin easily so it's better to avoid sun exposure whenever possible. Use sunscreen to always protect your skin.

5. Free Radicals

The free radicals are unstable molecules. It can damage the skin cells. These are types of molecules that don't have electrons. It will try to steal a balance molecule from your body. That will help them to be balanced but resulting in premature wrinkles and skin aging.

6. Smoking

If you have healthy skin, you can make sure it regenerates. But once you get older, your skin breaks down and becomes dry. Based on some research, smoking can reduce collagen production. It will result in fine lines and wrinkles appearing prematurely.

Are There Any Solutions to Wrinkles and Aging Skin?

1. Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Oxidative Stress

If you want to avoid wrinkles and skin aging for as long as possible, lifestyle changes are necessary. Oxidative stress leads to cell and tissue damage. It's an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants. It has a big role in the aging process so reducing it will help.

2. Nutrition Via Healthier Diet

Some foods contain high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Include them in your diet since they can protect the skin and improve elasticity. It can help avoid premature wrinkles and skin aging. These foods are green tea, olive oil, salmon, avocados, pomegranate, flax seeds, and a variety of vegetables.

3. Reducing or Even Stopping Smoking

Smoking tobacco can damage collagen and elastin fibers. These are essential for the skin's strength and elasticity. Nicotine can cause the blood vessels to constrict and reduce blood flow. That means that your skin will not get enough oxygen. It can also decrease the absorption of important nutrients to your skin.

4. Forming a Skincare Routine

Taking care of your skin is the best way to avoid wrinkles and skin aging. Form a skincare routine to ensure that you can have beautiful skin longer. Nourishing your skin and protecting it from damage will avoid premature aging.

a. Cleaning to Remove Dirt and Pollutants

Start your skincare routine by cleaning and removing dirt and pollutants. Find a good cleanser that will help you to clean your pores. Cleaning your skin will help to accelerate the skin's natural regeneration process. Avoid sleeping without cleaning your face.

b. Caring with Filler Creams to Restore Volume

Collagen is usually found with filler creams that are typically used to restore skin volume. It forms a network of fibers within the skin. Filler creams can work on the skin's surface and slow the water loss from your skin. It will help your skin feel supple and improves elasticity.

c. Protecting with SPF Day Creams

Using SPF day creams will protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays from the sun. Apply SPF daily even if it doesn't look sunny before going out. The UV rays can penetrate the clouds and not wearing your sunscreen can put your skin at risk of damage.

d. Creams with Color Pigments to Restore Complexion

Uneven skin tone, blemishes, and dark spots can occur as you age. You can get rid of them by using creams with color pigments. It will restore your complexion and gives you healthy-looking skin. Using topical hydroquinone or retinol cream can help to lessen the appearance of dark skin patches.

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