How to Keep Your Body from Aging

KKeeping your body from aging is not as hard as it sounds. It's doable and not impossible as long as you commit yourself to it. Although it's not possible to reverse the aging process. Nobody can turn back time or live young forever since everyone will get older.

What you can do is slow down the aging process to avoid your body from deteriorating. There are many age-related diseases that you can prevent if you do this. Not only it will make you look younger but it can also make you feel young as well. But how is it even possible?

How to Keep Your Body from Aging

You can keep your body from aging and slow down the aging process. Start living a healthy lifestyle if you haven't started yet. By doing that, you can also avoid the risks of age-related illnesses while looking younger than your age.

You should start doing healthy habits like having a healthy diet. Avoid the sun's harmful UV rays by wearing sunscreen. Don't forget to exercise regularly as well. Taking anti-aging supplements will also keep your body from aging. It will help you to stay younger looking.

Understanding How Aging Affects Your Body

1. Organs Like Your Heart
Aging can affect your organs since some of your tissues will be lumpy or more rigid. Your cells and tissues will go through changes. The organs can lose their efficiency like when you're younger. Although it's not noticeable right away.

As you get older, your heart and blood vessels change as well. It will not work as efficiently as before and it will not beat at the same speed when you were younger. That's why staying active is advised for older adults.

2. Digestive System and How Well It Works

A lot of your bodily functions will slow down with age. That includes the digestive system and it will no longer work as efficiently as before. The muscles surrounding it will be weaker, stiffer, and decrease its efficiency.

New cells will no longer form as quickly as it was before causing tissue damage. The aging process may have some drastic effects on your digestive system. It may reduce your appetite because it can alter your sense of smell and taste. It may change your pharyngeal skills and esophageal motility.

3. Bones, Muscles, Joints, and Weight

As people age, the muscles will become rigid and lose mass. Your bones will be more brittle that makes them prone to injuries. Even your height decreases because of the shortening of the trunk and spine. The joints will be more prone to inflammation, stiffness, and pain.

Aging can also make you gain weight easily because the lipid turnover in your fat tissue decreases. Even if you eat the same amount when you were younger, you can still gain weight. That's why a lot of older adults struggle to keep their weight down. 

4. Skin, Nails, and Hair

The epidermis or the outer skin layer thins as you age. Some cell layers may be the same but your epidermis changes. The skin will appear thinner, clearer, and paler. Your collagen production will also decrease causing it to look saggy. The nails will look dull and brittle.

Many people suffer from hair loss as they age. That's because the hair growth rate also slows down. The hair strands will have fewer pigments and will become smaller. Even if you have thick hair before, it can become thin and it will be light-colored.

What Can Be Done to Slow Down Aging?

1. Lifestyle Changes

  • Exercise / Staying Physically Active

    It will keep your body from aging if you exercise regularly. As people age, being physically active becomes more important. It will make your heart strong so that you can avoid stroke and heart attack. Staying physically active will also help the muscles and bones stay healthy.
  • Reducing Stress Via Hobbies and Activities

    People who engage in hobbies and activities don't suffer from stress. Doing this will alleviate your mood and avoid depression. It can help you to relax and stay happy. Doing group activities can also improve your social skills. Reducing stress can slow down the aging process. It will also keep your brain sharp.
  • Getting Plenty of Rest

    If you want to avoid your body from aging, make sure to have plenty of rest. Deep sleep and REM promote cell and tissue repair. Sleeping will help your body to produce collagen. That's an easy way to avoid the visible signs of aging. It allows your body to heal itself by having a restful night.

2. Dietary Changes

  • Supplements Can Help as Well

    Taking antioxidants will help your skin to stay looking fresh. It can fight the free radicals that cause aging skin. Taking supplements will support your body to be efficient. Not only will it be good for your skin but it will also make you healthier.

     Anti-aging supplements help to slow down the aging process. They promote good health and longevity. Examples are CoQ10, curcumin, crocin, collagen, festive, and nicotinamide mononucleotide. These are proven to be effective anti-aging substances
  • Whole Foods

    As you reach your senior years, you will feel that you're lacking energy. Eating whole foods will provide you the energy you need to stay physically active. It will also make you feel better since it provides the essential nutrients your body needs as you age.

    Avoiding processed foods as you get older is more important. They can trigger the development of age-related diseases. Eating fruits and vegetables can help you to keep your body from aging. Whole foods will also help to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Eating More Plants

    Eating more fruits and vegetables will help to keep your body from aging. It will help to limit your meat consumption. That will avoid the risk of developing age-related diseases such as diabetes.

    It can also prevent high blood pressure as well as heart disease. Starting a plant-based diet is also a good idea. Vegetables and fruits contain essential nutrients the body needs.
  • Getting Enough Protein

    Protein can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It will help to improve your concentration and have more energy. Eating enough protein can also make your blood sugar level stable.

    It's good for your bone health while maintaining your muscle mass. Protein is also essential if you're trying to lose weight and for building muscles. It provides your body the ability to stay active so you can exercise regularly.
  • Keeping Your Gut Healthy for Healthy Digestion

    Have a healthy diet to have healthy digestion. That means you need to lower your salt intake and add more fiber-rich foods. Avoid foods that can cause reflux or heartburn. Try having probiotics that can improve your gut health.

    You can also check your medication with your doctor. Some of them have a bad effect on the digestive system. That can lead to digestive problems. Ask your doctor if there's an alternative medication that will not cause digestive issues.
  • Avoiding Toxins Such as Alcohol and Nicotine

    If you drink and smoke, you will have a higher risk of developing cancer. Alcohol and nicotine can cause cancer of the mouth and throat. Avoiding them as early as possible will reduce your risk of suffering from these diseases. They can also trigger premature aging.

    Smokers often have more visible fine lines and wrinkles at an early stage. Nicotine can trigger the increase of free radicals. That causes oxidative stress and damages your cell membrane. It will result in tissue damage and will not keep you from aging longer.


1. Can you reverse aging?

Unfortunately, you can't reverse aging but slow it down instead. You can keep your body from aging by living a healthy lifestyle. That way, you can also prevent age-related diseases that will improve the quality of your life.

You can also get treatments that can delay the visible signs of aging. Use anti-aging skincare products or take antioxidants. It may not stop the aging process but you will look younger longer than most people.

2. What foods age your skin?

To keep your body from aging, you should avoid foods that cause your skin to age. Stay away from food and drinks that contain refined sugar. Processed foods should also be avoided since they are not good for your health.

Avoid fried foods, white bread, margarine, dairy, and alcohol as well. These types of foods are not good for your skin. Try to eat whole foods more if you want your skin to stay younger-looking. Those are also good for your overall health and wellness.

3. At what age does your face slim down?

When you get older, you will lose some of your facial fats. A lot of people started to have a more sculpted face between their teen years and early 20s. Although some people may have full cheeks because of genetics.

With age, the face will look thinner and bonier because of fat loss. Your skin will also go through changes as you get older. The decrease in elastin and collagen production will make your skin lose its elasticity.

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