Green Tea's Benefits for Weight Loss

Losing weight can be challenging especially if there are many foods around. You can try a diet that will suit your lifestyle. Don't forget to also have a workout routine to keep you active. But it's hard to keep up with them all the time. That will jeopardize your weight loss.

The best thing to do is to try green tea for weight loss. It's so much simpler than following a strict diet or a specific workout. Drinking green tea for weight loss can also make your metabolism work faster. That way, you can lose weight faster than just going on a certain diet.

Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

Green tea is a healthy type of beverage that you can drink even when you're on a diet. It was used as a medicinal herb in China in the past. But now it's a popular type of healthy drink that's very well known. Most of the health stores and even groceries sell green tea.

Green tea is made of a plant called Camellia sinensis. It's one of the true teas like black tea, oolong tea, and white tea. This is the least processed type of tea which means that it still contains caffeine. It has many health benefits and it includes boosting weight loss.

1. Contains Substances That Can Help You Lose Fat

Green tea will help you to lose fat because of the catechins and caffeine content from it. Both of these substances have been shown to help with weight loss. They can regulate the hormones that enhance thermogenesis. This is a process when your body burns the calories to produce heat.

It has been shown that green tea can boost the process of thermogenesis. That will make your body more efficient at burning calories. The result will be weight loss which is your main goal. You only need to drink two to three cups of green tea daily. That will already be enough to support weight loss.

2. Mobilize Fat From Fat Cells

EGCG is an antioxidant found in tea and it can help to inhibit an enzyme that can break down the hormone norepinephrine. To burn fat, it needs to be broken down from the fat cells. Then, it should be moved into your bloodstream. When norepinephrine increases, it will promote fat breakdown.

The compounds from green tea such as caffeine and EGCG have a synergistic effect. These compounds will increase the levels of hormones that cause fat cells to break down. By doing so, it will release fat into the bloodstream. That fat will turn into energy so that you can use it.

3. Increases Fat Burning, Especially During Exercise

Green tea for weight loss can increase your body's fat-burning ability, especially during exercise. Although in some studies, the substance catechins increase fat burning even at rest. That means that drinking green tea can be effective even if you don't exercise. To make it more effective, include workouts and a healthy diet.

If you have been on a strict diet and it seems that nothing is happening, drink green tea for weight loss. It will help you to achieve your fitness goal faster especially if you exercise at the same time. The best part about green tea is you can find it almost anywhere these days.

4. Raise Your Metabolic Rate

Your body is burning calories even if you're sitting down or even sleeping. It's because your body needs the energy to perform its functions. This process is called metabolism when your body burns the calories that you consumed. But some people have a slow metabolism so they easily get fat.

If you suspect that you're one of them, drink green tea if you want to lose weight. It will help to raise your metabolic rate than usual. That way, your body will be more efficient in producing the energy that it needs. Studies suggest that drinking green tea or taking EGCG supplements can burn more calories even at rest.

5. Make You Consume Fewer Calories?

Unfortunately, there is no evidence yet regarding this claim. Green tea is not yet proven to make you eat fewer calories. Some animal studies proved that it can reduce the absorption of fat. But there are no human studies that were done to confirm this claim. There is more to understand behind the science of appetite and hunger.

However, even if green tea can't make you lose your appetite, it can still make you lose weight. Green tea can increase your metabolic rate which helps your body to burn the calories you eat. Drinking green tea is an effective way to lose weight since it can still reduce fat from your body. 

When to Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss?

You should drink green tea for weight loss after your meals. Just remember that green tea is alkaline and it will stimulate the secretion of gastric juices. If your stomach is not sensitive, you can drink it after your meals. Avoid drinking green tea at night if you have trouble sleeping.

The best time to drink green tea is after you eat. That way, you will not end up suffering from a stomach ache. Green tea can increase your metabolism so it's best to have some food first. That way, you will have food inside your stomach before green tea takes effect. 

How Many Cups of Green Tea Needed a Day to Lose Weight Fast?

If you want to lose weight fast, drink between 2 to 3 cups of hot green tea. It should be throughout the day, not in one sitting. But that's the only amount needed for you to lose weight. Although the exact amount of green tea depends on the person's metabolism.

There are different varieties of green tea out there. But you have to go for the plain one and minimally processed green tea. These will likely retain their nutritional value and benefits. That way, you can make sure that you will have the best green tea for weight loss.

Is Green Tea Good for Working Out?

Studies show that drinking green tea can increase the fat-burning process, especially when working out. It will help to inhibit the enzyme, norepinephrine, which burns fat. Therefore, drinking green tea before you work out is good for weight loss. It will increase the process of burning fat which makes you lose weight faster.

Other research found that consuming green tea before exercising increases fat burning by 17%. It's higher compared to taking a placebo or other supplements. That's why it's best to drink green tea before exercising. It will increase your body's fat-burning abilities more than just working out without it.

Are There Disadvantages of Drinking Green Tea Every Day?

Green tea is considered to be one of the safest drinks to consume. But there are still some things that you have to know when drinking green tea. Although it has many health benefits, green tea may have some side effects for other people. If you're sensitive to caffeine or tannins, it may not be an ideal drink for you.

Are There Disadvantages of Drinking Green Tea Every Day?

1. Stomach Issues

If you have a sensitive stomach, green tea may not be for you. When it is brewed strongly or consumed on an empty stomach, it can cause stomach irritation. It contains tannins that can increase the acid from your stomach. This can lead to constipation, nausea, and acid reflux. It's best to brew it lightly and drink it after meals.

2. Sleeping Problems

Green tea contains caffeine which can result in sleeping problems. If you have trouble sleeping, the best thing to do is to avoid drinking green tea before bedtime. That way, your body will have enough time to get rid of caffeine. Then you can sleep when it's already your bedtime. .

3. Headaches

Green tea contains caffeine which can cause headaches for other people. If you suffer from migraines, you can have it occasionally. But if you suffer from headaches almost every day, you have to avoid drinking green tea. The same goes for those who have caffeine sensitivity. It may do you more harm than good.

4. Iron Deficiency

If you're suffering from anemia, green tea may not be for you. It contains antioxidants that can hinder iron absorption. Some studies show that the side effects can be dangerous for people with anemia. If you must drink green tea, make sure to add some lemon. Vitamin C can counteract the side effects of green tea.

5. Irregular Blood Pressure and Heartbeat

According to some studies, green tea can cause irregular heartbeat. It can also affect the blood pressure of some people. Another study found out that it can raise blood pressure because of its caffeine content.

Drinking green tea can also interfere with some blood pressure medications. If you have heart disease, ask for your doctor's advice before drinking it.

Green Tea Supplements

Green tea supplements contain green tea extract. That means that it has the same substances that can be found in green tea. Although you have to take it in a different form, this is still an effective way to lose weight. Below are the benefits of green tea supplements for your body.

  • Antioxidants

    Antioxidants help you to fight the different types of illnesses. Catechins are green tea extract antioxidants. EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate provides the most health benefits. It can protect your body and keep it healthier. Green tea increases your antioxidant capacity and can also protect you from oxidative stress.
  • Healthy Heart

    Green tea supplements can decrease the information and also reduce blood pressure. It can also inhibit fat absorption and help reduce blood fat levels. If you're suffering from oxidative stress, it will increase the fat buildup in your blood. Then it will promote inflammation from the arteries which causes high blood pressure.
  • Good for the Brain

    EGCG that is found from green tea extract will help to protect the brain from oxidative stress. It can help to reduce brain damage that can lead to mental decline. These conditions are Dementia, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's disease. Green tea has a positive effect on the brain which keeps it healthy.
  • Weight Loss

    Green tea supplements can help with weight loss. It contains substances, caffeine, and catechins. They both regulate the hormone that enhances thermogenesis. It's a process when your body burns calories to turn them into heat. This process will help you to lose weight faster since it will increase your metabolism.


  • Is green tea good for the skin?

    Green tea is good for the skin since it contains Vitamin E and Vitamin B2 that help to maintain skin health. Vitamin B2 will keep your skin youthful and firm. Vitamin E will help the growth of new skin cells to make them softer and glowing. Therefore, drinking green tea will not only make you lose some weight but also take care of your skin.
  • Can I drink green tea at night?

    Drinking green tea at night may affect your sleep. Although it contains many health benefits and even helps to have better sleep, it's not ideal to drink before going to bed. It will make it harder for you to fall asleep if you drink it two hours before your bedtime. Plus, it may cause you to feel the urge to pee at night.

  • What are the disadvantages of green tea?

     Green tea has different side effects on different people. It can cause upset stomach and constipation for some. Green tea may also cause liver and kidney issues but only in rare cases. It's may also be unsafe to drink green tea for a long time. There might also be a bad impact on your health if it's consumed in high doses every day.


You can try green tea for weight loss provided that you don't have any health issues. It's one of the most natural ways to lose weight. Green tea comes from tea leaves which makes it a great choice. Although there are some disadvantages, it's the easiest way to lose weight without too much effort. So, if you want to shed weight, get your green tea right away.

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