How Weight Loss Supplements Affect Your Health

If you're planning to try weight loss supplements, you can find many types that you can choose from. However, not everything will suit you even if it's good for other people. It's not just about being effective but you also need to know about the dangers they can cause. So, before you decide on getting some weight loss supplements, do your research first.

Many weight loss supplements will promise you one thing, which is to help you lose weight fast. Although many weight loss products are either getting recalled or banned. That's the reason why everyone should be careful when finding a weight loss supplement that's right for them.

Can Weight Loss Dietary Supplements Be Harmful?

Weight loss supplements contain different ingredients such as herbs, fiber, and minerals. These are sold in different forms like powder, liquid, tablet, or capsule. Although some ingredients can have some harmful side effects. It can also have some bad effects when taken with other medications.

Many weight loss supplements have different ingredients. The main goal is to help with weight loss. However, most of these ingredients are not yet tested. Their combined effects are still unknown. Although these ingredients may be effective for weight loss, they can be harmful when they are combined.

How is Weight Loss Dietary Supplements Regulated?

Food and Drugs Administration or FDA is the federal agency that regulates dietary supplements. Over-the-counter medications and prescriptions must go through FDA approval before they can be available. But when it comes to dietary supplements, they don't require FDA approval to get sold. The manufacturers are not required to provide evidence that their products are safe.

However, when an unsafe dietary supplement caught the attention of the FDA, it can be recalled or banned from the market. FDA and the Federal Trade Commission take action against companies who make false claims about their products. Adding pharmaceutical drugs to their supplements is not allowed as well as claiming that the supplements can diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent disease.

Weight Loss Pills That Have Been Recalled or Banned

1. Ephedra - Banned

Also known as Ma Huang, Ephedra is a plant that contains substances that can stimulate the nervous system. It will increase the amount of energy that the body burns, suppress the appetite, and increase weight loss. It was popular during the 90s for weight loss and enhancing athletic performance.

As good as it sounds, the FDA banned this ingredient in dietary supplements since they found out that it's not safe. It can cause many side effects and even serious conditions. The side effects are nausea, vomiting, mood changes, anxiety, and high blood pressure. It can also cause abnormal heartbeat, seizures, stroke, heart attack, and death.

2. Hydroxycut - Recalled and Banned

Hydroxycut was developed and manufactured by MuscleTech. It's a dietary supplement for weight loss. The main ingredients of this product are caffeine, lady mantle extract, wild olive extract, cumin extract, and wild mint extract. However, due to serious complaints about side effects, this product is now banned.

Hydroxycut causes liver problems such as elevated liver enzymes and liver damage requiring a transplant. These products contain a variety of ingredients and herbal extracts. But it can be harmful to your body. Other health problems include seizures, cardiovascular problems, and rhabdomyolysis which is serious muscle damage that can cause liver failure.

3. Fen-Phen - Recalled

Fen-Phen is a drug combination of fenfluramine/phentermine. It was an anti-obesity treatment before it was banned. According to one study, the anti-obesity drug fenfluramine and/or dexfenfluramine can cause heart valve problems. It can still occur even after stopping the use of these drugs for many years which is a serious side effect.

The FDA immediately ordered the withdrawal of these drugs off the market in September 1997. The popularity of Fen-Phen causes many users of this dietary supplement to suffer from heart valve problems. Aside from heart issues, it can also cause severe lung damage such as Primary Pulmonary Hypertension.

Safety Concerns and Things to Think About

The best thing to do before taking any weight loss supplements is to ask for medical advice. It's important especially if you have a medical condition. Some weight loss supplements can be bad on some medications. After that, you can follow these tips before buying weight loss supplements.

  • Check the Labels

     It's very important to check and read the labels of the product carefully. You can also research the ingredients of the product that you're considering buying.
  • Watch Out for Unrealistic Results

     Many products promise unrealistic benefits. You have to be careful about that and do your research instead. It's the best way to know if it's effective as advertised.
  • Organic and Natural Claims

     Not because the label says it's organic or natural, it's already safe. Even if the ingredients are made of plant extracts, they can be harmful when combined.
  • Free from Side Effects

     It's nearly impossible not to have some side effects from dietary supplements. But the best way to find out the best weight loss supplement for you is to ask your doctor about it.

Why Natural Supplements and Vitamins are the Best

Natural supplements and vitamins are the best for you since they came from whole foods. Meaning, they can be recognized by your body easily since it's from what you usually eat every day. It can get absorbed by the body faster compared to the synthetic version.

On the other hand, synthetic nutrients are made to be identical to natural nutrients. Therefore, it's also good for your body without the whole food's nutrients. So, taking natural supplements and vitamins is still the best for your health. Synthetic nutrients also take some time before you can absorb them.

Natural Weight Loss Supplements

1. Calcium Pyruvate

Many people prefer calcium pyruvate primarily because of its popularity and effectiveness. It can promote weight loss by boosting the fat breakdown of your body. It may also have anti-inflammatory benefits. That will be beneficial for your gut and bone health.

Aside from promoting weight loss and its anti-inflammatory benefits, there are more health benefits you can get from calcium pyruvate. It can protect your vision, contains immune-boosting effects, supports heart health, and better exercise performance. Although these benefits are only based on animal studies.

2. Green Tea Extract

Green tea is rich in catechins and caffeine. This combination causes the weight loss effect of green tea extract. These substances can help to regulate the hormone responsible for thermogenesis. It's the process when your body burns calories to produce body heat.

Green tea extract will help your body to effectively burn calories. Green tea is ideal to be consumed after a meal. That will prevent you from getting a stomach ache. Since it contains caffeine, it's best not to have it before you go to sleep.

3. Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a tropical fruit and also known as Malabar tamarind. It's a popular natural weight loss supplement. This may block your body's ability to make fat. It may also suppress your appetite. So you will avoid overeating and consuming too many calories.

When you lose excess weight, that means that it will also maintain a healthy level of your blood sugar and cholesterol. You can find this fruit as an ingredient from different weight loss supplements. It contains hydroxycitric acid that suppresses fats from accumulating.

4. LeptiFit Leptin Enhancing Supplement

Leptifit is a weight loss supplement that can also boost your energy. It's a natural dietary enhancement that provides many health benefits. It can improve your theenic process and metabolism. Combine it with a healthy diet and regular workouts so that you can see the best results.

Leptifit capsules contain leptin which is a patented ingredient that controls your appetite. It also has green tea extract, gum Arabic, L-theanine, choline bitartrate, and L-carnitine fumarate. These ingredients will aid in weight loss while keeping your body healthy.

5. White Kidney Bean Extract

Also known as Phaseolus vulgaris, the white kidney bean extract is a natural weight loss aid. It comes from white kidney beans and is also known as a starch blocker or neutralizer.

As a natural weight loss supplement, it can block the carbs you consume. It can prevent obesity as well as providing different health benefits. This can avoid the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and colon cancer.

6. Super Lactobacillus Probiotics

Some strains of the Lactobacillus family will help you to lose weight as well as belly fat. Lactobacillus gasseri shows that it has the most effect on weight loss. If you combine it with probiotics, it can help you lose weight more effectively.

Probiotics can reduce the calories that you usually absorb from the food you eat. It can also affect the levels of hormones and proteins. Aside from a good weight loss aid, it can also reduce inflammation that causes obesity.


Weight loss supplements can help you to achieve your ideal body weight. There are many negative things about them so you have to be careful when choosing a product. Ask your doctor's advice before trying any weight loss product. That way, you can make sure that you will lose weight safely.

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