Fat Shredding HIIT Workout (20 Minutes)

If you haven't heard of High intensity interval training (HIIT), it probably won't be long before you do. The popularity of this type of workout has skyrocketed over the last few years and shows no signs of slowing down. 

HITT burns a maximum number of calories in just a short amount of time. But because it’s so short, you’re going to really need to push yourself the entire time. Will it suck? Probably. But will it be worth it? Definitely!

The best part is don’t need any equipment or expensive gym membership. You can do this fat shredding workout anywhere – including the comfort of your own home.

How It Works

The basic idea between is to complete short bursts of intense exercises followed by short periods of rest in-between.

Research shows that HIIT training can burn 30 percent more calories as moderate exercise and promotes an elevated metabolism for up to 24 hours even after your workout is over.

The Fat Shredding Routine

HIIT Workout Routine

Tips Before You Start 

Drink plenty of water before, during, and after to replenish essential fluids lost through sweat and prevent dehydration.

Since this workout may be taxing on your body, make sure to take to stretch before and after to avoid injuries and reduce soreness.

Please note that you should work at your own pace. We recommend starting with 3 circuits for the first time. If you think you can handle more, feel free to add more circuits or follow up with a quick 10 minutes of ab exercises for a more intense workout.

Exercise Guide

Jumping Jacks

Stand with your feet together and your hands at your sides. Jump with your feet out while simultaneously raising your arms. Then without pausing, quickly reverse back to the starting position.

Push Ups

If you can’t complete a traditional push up, you may also rest your knees on the ground. The most important thing is that you keep your back straight and bend your elbows until your chest is almost touching the ground.

Mountain Climbers

Start in push up position with your arms and legs long. Pull your right knee into your chest then quickly switch, pushing your right leg back while also pulling your left knee into your chest at the same time.

Sumo Squats

Position your feet wider than shoulder-width apart and point your toes at a 45-degree angle. Bend at the hips, keep your chest up, back flat, and lower yourself until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Engage your glutes and quads as you return to the starting position.


Begin in a standing position. Drop into a squat position with your hands on the ground, kick your feet back to softly land on the balls of your feet into a plank position while keeping your arms extended. Immediately return your feet into squat position and stand back up.

To make it harder, complete a push up when you enter into that plank position.


Place your forearms on the ground with the elbows positioned under your shoulders and arms parallel to the body at shoulder width distance. Tighten your core as your hold your plank.

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