Fall Fitness: Enjoy The Weather With These 7 Outdoor Exercises


With the brutal summer heat finally behind us and the freezing winter months coming soon, autumn is the perfect time to enjoy the crisp fall air and mix up your workout routine!

Fall Fitness: 7 Outdoor Activities to Enjoy Fall Weather

Autumn is full of fun outdoor activities that can keep you active and healthy. Since you don’t sweat as much without the heat and humidity, you can stay hydrated and more comfortable. The cooler temperature keeps you alert to power through even the most challenging workouts.

Not to mention, training outside allows you to breathe fresh air, which helps clean your lungs and strengthen your immune system. This is definitely a change of scenery from those stuffy and sweaty gyms!

So instead of signing up for an expensive membership this fall, take advantage of the beautiful weather with these 7 outdoor exercises!



Want to start out with something easy? Talk a walk and breathe in the fresh autumn air. This is one of the simplest ways to work out your entire body and get some extra movement throughout the day.

Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate walking into your daily life:

  • Go for a 15-minute walk first thing every morning or at night after dinner
  • Take a break from work and walk to lunch or at stroll through the nearest park with your coworkers
  • Plan fun activities for the family that involve walking such as apple picking or going to a pumpkin patch
  • Mix in an occasional jog to slowly improve your stamina
  • Participate in charity walk (or run) for your favorite cause
  • Hiking


    Hiking in the fall is one of the best times to take advantage of the outdoors, especially when the leaves begin to change colors. Not only do you get to experience the breathtaking views but you can also get a more challenging workout than your average gym session:

    It has multiple health benefits: Not only do you strengthen your muscles by climbing, hiking helps you lower blood pressure, improve endurance, burn calories (over 500 calories per hour)

    It involves multiple muscles: Going up and down even small inclines puts your core and entire lower body (hamstring, glutes, quads, calves) to work

    Supports mental health: Hiking helps you clear your head so you get back to nature and step back from stress in your daily life

    For those who live in the city or flat areas: find nearby lakes, forest preserves or trails so you can enjoy an incredible view as you power through your cardio.

    Trail Running

    Trail Running

    Ditch that boring treadmill this fall and take your running to the trails! While the treadmill is great when it’s too hot or cold to run outside, running along a trail is an awesome way to experience nature and will provide a challenge at every turn.

    Just like traditional running, trail running helps you strengthen your heart health and cardiovascular system. But because the terrain is more challenging, it also improves your agility, core, and balance.

    The only downside of trail running is it can be a little more difficult on your joints. So make sure to stop and walk if you do get too tired or sore.

    Outdoor Sports

    Outdoors Sports

    Fall is the prime season for sports: football is in its peak, baseball playoffs have just begun, hockey is back, and basketball season is not too far behind. Now is your time to get in on the action.

    Sports are a fun way to stay active without feeling like you are actually exercising. Whether it’s joining a recreational league, playing pickup games, or just going out to the yard to play catch; there are plenty of ways to have some healthy fall fun with your family and friends!

    Yard Work

    Yard Work

    Ok we know this isn’t a fun activity but if you have to do it, you might as well look at it in a positive light! Chores like raking leaves, pulling weeds, and or laying sod are all great ways to burn unwanted calories.

    So next time you dread going out to do yard work, just remember you are exercising while also improving your home. That’s killing two birds with one stone!



    Biking outdoors provides a full-body workout while enjoying your day in the perfect outdoor weather. Cycling is considered a “low impact” exercise so you can still strengthen your muscles and lose weight without putting too much stress on your joints.

    Don’t think you have travel to the mountains or trails to enjoy this activity. Simply take your family for a long bike ride around your neighborhood for fun fall activity.

    Outdoor Workout Classes

    Outdoor Classes

    Fall is a time for change. So instead of going to the same old workout classes at your gym, see if there are outdoor options available. The two we recommend is outdoor yoga or boot camp classes.

    Whether you are completely new to yoga or have only experienced it inside of a studio, outdoor yoga is something everyone should try. This meditation practice is one of the best exercises you can do for both your mind and body. Benefits include promoting balance, increasing muscle strength, improving flexibility, and relieving stress.

    You can also sign up for an instructed boot camp class at your local park. These high intensity workouts incorporate strength, cardio, and endurance while also enjoying the fall weather. These classes can range from cross fit exercises, hill sprints, and circuit training.

    If you’re budget is a little tight, you can use our 20 minute HIIT workout or find videos on YouTube and try them out at the local park.

    Trainer Tips:

    Use reflective gear or flashing lights: Now there are not as many daylight hours to exercise, wear clothes and shoes with reflective patches or strap on a light if you’re running or biking at night.

    Dress for the weather: No matter what you do, make sure you dress the part. Since fall weather can be unpredictable, it’s important to know the temperature before you exercise outside. We recommend wearing layers so you can shed some extra clothes when your body starts warming up as you get moving.

    Stay hydrated: Since the weather isn’t as warm, you may forget to hydrate since you aren’t as thirsty. Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after you exercise.

    Be creative: If you are live in the city, it can be hard to find a good spot to try out your new outdoor activities. Take advantage of neighborhood parks or an empty playground for a unique workout.

    Now Go Outside and Play!

    It’s important to make exercising part of your daily routine and not just during certain seasons. But fall gives you the chance to try something.

    Go outdoors and get active before the snow starts to fall and you lose motivation to do anything except binge Netflix. Believe us, you’ll have plenty of time for this in the winter.

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